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Kuni Kumamoto
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Let's enjoy the rainy season in Beppu!

June at the Kagurame-ko lake
Irises in full bloom at the Kagurame-ko lake
 Although June is the middle of the rainy season here in Beppu, irises at the Kagurame-ko lake invite visitors not only on sunny days but rainy days. Irises rather fit rain.


Let's go trekking with us!

We've been having beautiful sunny days a lot lately in Beppu. If you're a nature-loving person, we recommend a day-trip to Inoseto wetlands(猪瀬戸湿原). It's about 30 minutes away from the JR Beppu station by bus.


Inoseto wetlands are located in the middle of Beppu and Yufuin. Pedestrian paths are prepared, and you can walk easily through the green about 30 mins.
Inoseto wetlands and Kijima Kogen hiking course takes about 1 hr.



Spring has come!

Long awaited spring has come!
From the end of March to early April, you can enjoy this special view in Yufuin, one of the top hot spring resorts in Japan. At the very front is "nanohana"(canola flower), on the riverbank is sakura, cherry blossom. A grand mountain with cat's ears like double peaks is Mt.Yufu (1583 m high). It's also called "Bungo Fuji" by the locals. (Bungo is the old name of the Oita prefecture.)


Winter is here!

Beppu is in the midst of winter and it's getting colder and colder here. Even in cold winter, however, you can enjoy a lot of things including "Muhyo viewing" at the top of Mt. Tsurumi, 1375-meter high above sea level.

"Muhyo" at the top of the Mt. Tsurumi .

Muhyo is a tree branch covered with iced frost which you can see on very cold winter mornings. Americans call it a frost rime. 

To get to the top of Mt. Tsurumi, you can take Beppu Ropeway. It provides you a comfortable ride with a panoramic view from 9:00 to 16:30 daily. 

Many foreign tourists visit Beppu even in the winter season to enjoy onsen hot springs in the city of Beppu because it gives you more peaceful time to bathe in the onsen on chilly days.              Additionally, Beppu has many kinds of local foods that fit with the cold weather. 


                                                Special Announcement

Re: The Change of Organization Name

The Beppu Friendly Guide Club has changed its official name to Beppu SGG Club as of April 1, 2016.
Activities, the blog name and e-mail address remain unchanged. Meanwhile, guide fee has been slightly reduced as shown in the tariff page. Please refer each labels on the blog.
Thank you for your warm support and cooperation to us.


Visitors from Kingdom of Bahrain

 15 Beautiful Bahrain Ladies Visited the Kitsuki Castle Town

February 4th, 2015, BFGC had an opportunity to guide fifteen charming ladies from the Kingdom of Bahrain in Kitsuki. They joined a two-week Japanese studying program sponsored by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in Beppu.

Kitsuki Castle

Kitsuki has been getting more popular with foreign tourists for its unique ambience of the old castle town. It preserves a series of the Edo era samurai houses or warrier's residences in mid-19th century. The townscape of Kitsuki is the best fit with people strolling in kimono.
Ohara's residence, one of the typical samurai houses recently restored by the city.

Bahrain girls strolling in kimono dress on a back street of samurai town.

A woman tea master demonstrating the tea ceremony for Bahrain girls.
Bahrain girls get seated together on the veranda of an old samurai house.

Strolling through a gentle slope between the lines of samurai houses. 

Mr. Okamoto, one of the most experienced BFGC guides, holding his pose with a Bahrain girl.